Interview with the head interior designer of Roomix, Maria Shengler
16 February 2023

Interview with the head interior designer of Roomix, Maria Shengler

Maria Shengler, is an inspiration to many, a top interior designer taking over the design world with her expertise, attention to detail, and passion. Today, we learn a little bit more about her and what inspires her to design incredible interior design projects in an exclusive interview with the designer. 

Maria, when did you first become interested in design, and when did you discover that you wanted to pursue this profession?

The interior design appeared in my life about 12 years ago, when I bought my own apartment and started seriously renovating it. However, I have been interested in interior design since childhood. I often imagined my own room in a different way, with different options for arranging furniture, and very often I imagined the rooms of my relatives and friends.

Since you've been designing for so long now, do you think your style or technique has evolved, have your general approaches changed?

Of course, like fashion,  interior design also is characterized by novelties and trends, which change gradually and often repeat themselves. High technologies are developing very quickly, which offers more and more modern solutions in the interior. But in my projects there are 3 main principles that remain unchanged: functionality - every centimeter in your home should be useful and functional; performance - use of modern materials and technologies; Aesthetics - your home is a place of your power and relaxation, which should give pleasure to you. 

Please describe your ideal home.

It is very important for me to come home, relax and have fun. The kitchen should be comfortable, equipped with all necessary household appliances, and have a spacious workspace. Bathrooms should be designed in a way that they are easy to clean and maintain; Bedrooms should be comfortable for rest and sleep. Children's rooms should correspond to the age characteristics of the child. Storages are necessary for the apartment, but at the same time, it should not create a feeling of disorder. The apartment should be comfortable for the whole family, its interior should meet everyone's needs.

Are there any rules you will never break in the interior?

I will always do my best to make every centimeter of the apartment useful, functional, and beautiful, especially if the area is small. I always try to explain this to my clients.

How important are colors and lighting when creating an interior?

It's very important! Correctly selected colors and shades can expand the space, focus on the necessary and make the room stylish and cozy.

Which of your projects would you choose and why?

I create each project with great love and respect for my customers. It is very pleasant when we have similar tastes, the customer takes into account my opinion and follows me in the work process for the end results. Fortunately, there are many such projects and it is difficult to stand out.

How would you describe Roomix, as a project?

Roomix is a modern multifunctional residential complex with its own infrastructure and excellent location in Tbilisi.

How would you describe the working process on the apartments of Roomix? 

The challenge at Roomix was to make small apartments as functional as possible. I wanted each apartment to have a spacious living area, a full-fledged kitchen, a separate bedroom, a bathroom, and other storage rooms that could even house a washing machine, dryer, and wardrobe. As for the apartments with a larger area, we have separated the bedrooms with the possibility of different storage. We have also managed to get full master bedrooms with independent wardrobes and en-suite bathrooms. This is a big plus, you can't find such an offer in many projects.

Tell us about the Roomix concept you had in mind, what are the main principles that you took into account when planning the apartments? 

The apartments had to have different layouts for different clients. each with specific needs. The interior should meet the requirements of a modern family and lifestyle. It is important that each member of the family has a suitable space in the apartment where they feel comfortable. 

What makes Roomix apartments stand out? What are its main advantages? 

The main advantage of Roomix apartments is maximum comfort for living and detailed consideration of the spaces. We have done everything to make every centimeter of your home bring you benefits and comfort. We also provided competent and detailed placement of engineering networks inside the apartment, which will greatly simplify the renovation process. 

What does Roomix represent for you personally?

For me, Rumix is a perfect example of what modern residential construction should be, how the developer takes care of its customers in advance and takes the necessary measures to make everything work perfectly. I am sure that Roomix will be sold before the construction is completed and the people of the city will appreciate our efforts. Here, I would like to thank the Roomix team for this opportunity and trust.

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