5 tips to achieve coziness in the kitchen
09 November 2022

5 tips to achieve coziness in the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the apartment. Here we prepare meals, entertain guests and spend time with dear people in a sweet atmosphere accompanied by a cup of coffee. Today we want to offer you 5 useful tips that will make the kitchen more cozy and welcoming.


Natural textures add coziness to even the most minimalist interior. Don't be afraid to use wood for kitchen decoration. Properly processed material is not afraid of moisture and temperature fluctuations, and furniture made of wood is easily restored, so it will serve you for a long time, for several decades.


The combination of different styles and periods makes the interior more expressive and unique. A pair of vintage chairs, an old "buffet" and a table cover removed from the grandmother's chest evoke a feeling of warm nostalgia.

Open shelves

Despite the practicality, it is not worth hiding beautiful dishes behind dull facades. It is the small details – that reflect the individuality of the hosts and make the interior more cosy. At the same time, it is not necessary to give up the cabinets, a few open shelves are enough. It is also possible to install a "buffet" with glass doors in the kitchen, which will prevent the accumulation of dust.

Bar counter

A bar counter is a great solution for combined kitchen and studio apartments. It provides a visual division of functional zones and at the same time is very convenient for eating and interacting with guests.

Natural colors

Natural shades such as beige, brown, blue and green create a feeling of closeness to nature, which is so lacking in big cities. They remind us of a walk in the forest or a summer twilight spent on the beach and fill the interior with warmth and peace.

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